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R vs Python – Excel Data Science

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Which is better between R vs Python? Which is better for me in a long-term in data science? Do I have to learn both or one can be enough?

All such questions arise in a mind which has just started taking things seriously in data science. An expert would laugh out on hearing such questions but for a beginner, they are super important coz their lifelong marriage to data science is based upon such questions.

When we fall in love with someone(data science) we want to know everything about them, we want to master every nuance which can make that someone fall in love with us too.

There is an old proverb that “The way to man’s heart is through his stomach” that in a bit shifted sense stands true for data science too. R, Python, Java, C, C++ and there are many more which can lead you to the heart of data science, but which is the best amongst them all is our quest for today.

If you have just started. It is better to take any one language of your preference and nail it unless you want to be a jack of all trades. There is literally nothing which can’t be done in any of these languages mentioned above and when you feel that you have explored it enough jump to other.
If you are still unsatisfied, let us do a comparison between two of the most obvious choices- R and Python. Which one is better between the two fairly depends upon what you want to do?

If hardcore statistics is what you are aiming, you should definitely try R. It has simplest of the interface in the market, loaded up with all sorts of statistics packages and is fairly easy to use.
– The finesse in Data visualization which you can get in R, you won’t get in any other language.
– For years R has been the obvious choice for the multinationals. So you have a pretty good job scenario with R.
– Both R and Python are readily available and that too for free. Even third-party platforms like Tensorflow gives all support required for both the languages.
– Learning graph of R is steep and if you have decided to study SAS(Software) it is going to be a cake walk.
– Some people have a natural tendency towards database. They just start playing with it from the very first day. If you happen to be one of those, R will give you an outstanding compatibility with the database which is difficult to find in any other language.

– If you are more into building AI models, Python should be your choice. It has all the top-notch AI packages which you can use with ease. Python gives you fast processing speed.
– Python is versatile. It can build the best analytical tools. If making your own firm is in the back of your mind, python will be the tool you would be using for creating your website, creating software and of course machine learning.
– Serious programmers get stuck a lot and getting and giving help get things going. Python community is growing fast like no one else. For any problem, you will have hundreds of people happy to help you out.
– Deep Learning is where Python outshines each and every language whether it is robotics, natural language processing or image recognition. Python has the upper hand in all.

If you are still confused then I would like to conclude by saying that you must try both and eventually should go for the one which suits you.

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