Keiser University Fraud Complaints

Keiser University Loan Forgiveness has come to an agreement with Florida Attorney General, Pam Bondi with regard to claims of fraud at its Fort-Lauderdale campus. Former students claim the varsity misled them into enrolling for useless programs by giving them inaccurate information about their credit transferability, program costs, accreditation status, and therefore the terms on financial loans. The agreement will see Keiser retraining its former students for free of charge . additionally , the varsity will need to change its tactics for enrollment.

When school’s reach settlements they don’t need to admit to any wrongdoing and aren’t found guilty of anything. Instead, schools must conform to the prescribed conditions of the settlement. during this case, Keiser University will need to retrain any students who dropped out thanks to dissatisfaction since 2008, will change their advertising and enrollment practices, and can comply henceforth with consumer protection regulations. This agreement was also reached with Keiser Career College (now Southeastern University) and Everglades University for similar infractions as a results of investigations at the faculties .

Keiser University has been accused of attempting to evade applicable taxes and regulations required by for-profits by merging with non-profit Everglades University. Southeastern College remains a for-profit college which offers vocational education intended to urge students out into the workforce faster than attending a bachelor’s degree. These three schools had a complete of 18,600 students between their online and campus locations state-wide.

The settlement indicates that Keiser must begin advertising its accreditation type and must cease indicating that it’s fully accredited. the varsity must also stop telling prospective students that it’s limited spots in its program when, in fact, it doesn’t as this is often a high-pressure sales tactic intended to form students desire they have to check in without taking time to think things through. Such predatory enrollment practices, including the one during which Keiser told students that federal student aid doesn’t require that you simply pay it back.

Keiser University Class Action Lawsuit – Telemarketing
Don’t think that Keiser University class action lawsuit ended with the changes they agreed to make. People accused them of improper marketing practices. As mentioned in the trial, Keiser University owned a department with around 350 so-called “admission counselors.” What they did was calling people several times a day to persuade them to attend the University. As they did not get the explicit consent of those people, some of them initiated a Keiser University lawsuit.

This type of promotional attempts is pretty common in the sector. However, the University is non-profit. Despite this fact, the University still earns many profits and highly lucrative. While the investigation continued, the university officials did not respond to the claims extensively.

For or Not-for-profit?
After the gainful employment program of the Obama Administration, Keiser University became a non-profit organization. The program aimed to cut off funding that career training centers received. The reason was that students were unable to pay high costs for these programs. However, a non-profit organization could get funds created by taxes entirely, while a for-profit one could get 90% of them. Besides, not-for-profit universities could enjoy benefits like tax exemptions. Some people, like the deputy undersecretary of the Department of Education, claimed that the administrative uses university revenues and student loans for personal gains. We cannot surely say whether Keiser University switched from for-profit to non-profit, but this issue led to some skeptical criticisms.

Debt rates
The debt rates of students at Keiser University is so high that it is not surprising why it has many lawsuits. More than 70% of undergraduate students paid their fees with federal loans. The amount of debt of them, on average, is around 10 000$. However, the average student loan debt rate is almost 7 000$ for first-year students. We can conclude that the University offers aid packages to motivate students to enter, and then get higher fees from returning students.

When a student graduates, he collects around 40 000$ debt. Besides, the default rate of student loans is more than 13%. You can be able to compare it if you know that at the national level, this number is just 7%. When students cannot make a payment for 270 days, then the student loan debt is considered to default.

Student Loan Forgiveness
You entered the University with high hopes to get an education and live a better life. You wanted to make your and your beloved ones’ lives easier. However, you ended up with high debt, around 40 000$. This scenario is actual for many graduates of Keiser University. Therefore, many students suffer from an enormous debt to income ratio.

Nevertheless, there is a high probability that you can get part or all of your loans forgiven. Keiser University class action lawsuit put it to the target of governmental scrutiny. Even, another Keiser University lawsuit claimed the organization misused federal loans and provided false information. These conditions are enough to be a reason for a student loan forgiveness. You are not destined to suffer from loan payments. We will help you in every stage of the documentation and offer you any help you need. If you want a magic wand to help you with a loan, take a step, and contact us today.

What is My Best Option?
It is hard to say without considering the challenges a borrower faces. One of the best options for Keiser University students can be the Borrowers’ Defense to a Repayment program. As the university was already accused of a Keiser University scam, such as lying about accreditation, there is a high chance that your application will be approved by the Department of Education. However, the most reliable way to find out your options is by contacting our experts. They will consider all the factors of your debt issue and come up with suitable solutions.

Which Keiser University Forgiveness Options Exist?
You have access to several programs. Borrowers’ Defense to Repayment is one of Keiser University student loan forgiveness opportunities. So, if you have faced any school misconduct, you can utilize this way of debt relief. Another option can be a disability or closed school discharge if you meet the eligibility criteria. Depending on your work, you can also apply service-based debt elimination, such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness.


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