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Data science has a created a buzz and for all the good reasons. On creating the sexiest jobs of the 21st century it has caught the eyeballs of all the professionals regardless of there background and current profession, who are willing to make a transition. If you have just started with your job hunt in the field of data science or planning to do so in some time, here is the list of roles in the field which you will find in your data science career path.


This fascinating role comes at the lower end of the ladder but is a very a good starting point for entering in the world of data science. Business Analyst professionals are the ones who create insights from the raw data and adds value to a business using data mining techniques, AB testing and many more to convert numbers into charts or reports to share it with the stakeholders to make them know what data is saying. The worldwide average salary of this role is 67k $ and between 4 to 8 lacs rupee in India.


Data Analysts are the detectives of any data science team and for them, data is their crime scene. They use many statistical, software tools and even machine learning techniques to interpret the data to see factual finding, creating of hypothesis and trends. The worldwide average salary of a data analyst is 73k$ and median of 4.5 lac rupees in India.


Every company who collects data needs an expert who can separate the raw data into different structural formats. Whether it is to reduce the redundancy of the data or flesh out a strategy to move data from one system to other. Its the responsibility of the data modeler to make sure that every legit stakeholder can access data when it is needed.
The median salary of this role is 81k$ and in India, it is 5-8 lakh rupees.


And here comes the role for which you were waiting for so long, the data scientist is a unicorn who is an expert in the various fields of data science with years of experience in the wide spectrum of problem-solving.
Strong mathematical, statistical and programming knowledge is elementary for this role.
The worldwide average salary of data scientist is 121K$ and in India, its median is 6 lakh rupees


After gaining avalanche of technical skills in data science, you can step aside and become a manager who will be dealing with clients and would manage all the technical teams working on a given business problem. This is a less technical role and therefore not everyone would consider it a natural progression in the career, some people will choose to remain data scientist.
The median salary for this role is 134k$ and in India, it is 13 lakh rupees.

Hopefully, that explains it and gives you a direction to understand the different roles available in data science. They are many and often called by different names in different companies.

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