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Big Data Professional Services

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Companies, organizations, and governments have now realized the benefits of big data to their daily operation. They are able to analyze the current trends and are able to predict events that might occur in the coming days in a faster way. Some companies hire firms that could provide them big data solutions while some purchase big data analytics software and hire data scientists to operate the application.

Poor data can cost businesses 20%–35% of their operating revenue.

Making Sense of Data

Volumes of data are being gathered every day. Big data analytics process these data for the users to better understand it’s implication to the organization. It gives them an opportunity to better understand their customers, the current market trends, their processes and the like. The result of their big data analytics gives them new insights on how to improve the current condition of their organization.

Sources of Data Used in Big Data Analytics

It is not true that companies have to collect their own data for their big data analysis. There are now hundreds of data sets available for use and analysis to anyone who is willing to look for them. Some are managed by the government and some by the private organization. Data are available, users just need to know the right questions for them to get the answers right away.

List of Best Big Data Companies


This company provides self-service software and cloud-based services for businesses that gives them the ability in blending, analyzing and sharing data. The results they gather from their data analytics allows big data consulting companies to point out areas for improvement so that actions can be carried out to improve them. They have been working with more than a thousand customers around the globe.


BigPanda offers data science algorithm-based platform that makes use of data to keep IT services run smoothly. It also gives them insight on how to improve the performance of the IT and DevOps staff.


Cogito Dialog uses behavioral analytics technology to help organizations manage agent performance. Mostly used by phone support companies, this cloud- or premise-based application analyzes human voice. The main focus of this company is to help organizations point out what needs to be improved with the personnel and the process to better support their customers.


This company focuses on the security of consumer-facing websites and mobile applications. Their security analytics engine gives predictive threat management to their clients.

Datos IO

This company is composed of the team with solid years of experience with IBM. They focus on distributed versioning technology. Not only they provide best big data services but they also assure the accessibility of stored data in scale-out databases such as Cassandra and MongoDB.

Fuzzy Logix

Their DB Lytix—a database analytic software – and their professional services are designed to help companies in processing data in one machine. Their customers include three of the top 5 healthcare companies in the US.

Thay allows organizations to gather data from their websites and convert them to APIs that are used in analyzing and visualizing information and applications. They are partners with Tableau, Internetworks, and Silk.


This company’s data warehouse platform supports “low-touch” users who are in need of a variety of data for analyzing using tools like Tableau and Excel.


They developed a cloud-based software that helps companies measure how satisfied their customers are by tracking their interaction with the applications and the website. It also allows companies to upsell by informing users about the additional features and offerings.

Periscope Data

Their software platform allows data scientists to run fast analyses on SQL Databases. Their products and services are supported by Amazon Web Services data warehousing and technology.

These big data vendors are here to help companies reach their business goals and to make customer service and interaction better with the help of their big data analytics and solutions. Data is available almost everywhere. You just need to find the best software and solution services that will best serve you.

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